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The Concept & Development

Our Core Purpose
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Purpose & Idea
The Legacy
Mission and Priority

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Purpose & Idea

The Legacy


  • Preserve and portray the culture, arts and crafts of each island of the Caribbean,
  • Create and open career opportunities by contributing to the educational/academic development involved and growth of all students enrolled at the UCU (United Caribbean University) as the students matriculate through the academic experience, so they share and display their unique individual heritage of their island.
  • Combat poverty and promote social equity in education.
  • Foster free trade and a regional integration.
  • Demonstrate and radiate a spirit of love and service which will contribute to the enrichment, uplifting and blessing all of the guests who experience this special place.
  • Share with the world the cultures, diversity and the beauty of the Caribbean spirit.

Caribbean World’s Mission and Priority parallel those of UNESCO:

  • To contribute to, and encourage the “building of peace”
  • Reducing poverty by the way of the introduction and implementation of quality education and advancement of training
  • Addressing emerging social and ethical challenges
  • Fostering the cultural diversity therein
  • This Organization will focus on two core principles: Race and Gender

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